Atlanta Wedding

Jared VanAlstyne and Kristy Minor are planning a wedding in Atlanta, GA while living in Brooklyn, NY.
This is their web-log of how it all went down.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Two Things of Note!

Quick update today:

Our Registry Information has been posted on our website. Go check it out by clicking here, or going to

Also, expect to see a post within the next week or so about a few hotels that we've made arrangements with for the wedding. The rates we've been able to negotiate are reasonable for the location(s), but aren't neccissarily inexpensive. ($75-$100/night)

And a special shout out, goes to my pops who has sent me beaucoup images of our save-the-date magnet in various and sundrie places around his domicile. It made me giggle, and I hope it illicts a similar response with each of you.

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