Atlanta Wedding

Jared VanAlstyne and Kristy Minor are planning a wedding in Atlanta, GA while living in Brooklyn, NY.
This is their web-log of how it all went down.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Magnanimous magnets mailed momentarily!

Magnets! I love Magnets! Whoever came up with the idea of the 'Fridge Magnet Reminder" is a brilliant person, and the woman who thought that a "Save the Date Magnet"- was substantially more incredibly brilliant and smart.

By now some of you have received your very own Save the Date Magnet from us. Congratulations, we have your address and know where you live! Ha Ha!
You are now the proud owner of one of the first parts of our wedding. We hope you like them. Stick it on your fridge, or maybe somewhere on a metal door, or you could slap it on your car hood (but don't drive too fast, you'll loose it!), you could stick it on your forehead (but it probably won't stick) you could stick it on your oven, or perhaps your favorite piece of metal plating. You could probably even bring it to work with you and slap it on a filing cabinet...Although, some of your co-workers might think that you're a little to excited about this wedding, but don't fret too much, 'cause we'll think that it's awesome. The idea is to put it in a place so that when you see it, you remember that you've got to be somewhere in early November. And that we like you. And that you're awesome. Rest assured, unless something awful happens, a wedding invitation shall make its way to your door.
Alas, if you have not received a Kristy & Jared magnet yet, we either have your address wrong, or don't know that you want to come to the wedding. Now, we can't invite everybody, because we aren't as fabulously wealthy as you might think, but if we can find the room for you, we will. Also, if someone in your family has received the Kristy & Jared magnet, but you haven't, please don't be sad and cry, or fight over who gets to stick the magnet where they want. We hope that you'll all learn to share, cause "it's always more fun to share with everyone". However, if a family dispute has gotten nasty, and has gone through a unsuccessful third party arbitration process, you may email us at and we'll see if we have any extras to send to you. No promises, people! This is a first come, first serve type of situation.

Now go forage around your house for somewhere to stick it!
Mad props go to the people who find the most creative place to stick their magnet.
(Send us pictures!)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A little pushing, but no shoving

Looks like the ceremony time will be pushed back about a half hour or so, perhaps an hour, depending upon some details revolving around our current officiant.
No need to get upset though, kids. Kristy and I have heard him give a message, and were excited about the prospect of having him officiate our wedding ceremony. He seemed engaging, genuine, and charismatic. All good things to observe in a minister let alone a wedding officant. We may have to give him up, however, due to a previous engagement that occurs in his world later in the afternoon on Sunday November 5th. But be ye not concerned, ye friends of mine, more back-ups are waiting in the wings. More about that if we get there.
Another friend of ours, who happens to also be a minister, was so sweet & caring when he came to us to let us know that he was discovering some road blocks in the way of our wish to have him marry us. I have much more respect for him for telling us "no" as I'm sure the prayerful soul searching that he was doing was much more difficult than our decision process of selecting and asking the Rev. if he could do us the honor. I was moderately disappointed in the denomination that he is ministering to, which I won't directly bad-mouth here, for St. Paul calls us to study the peace and purity of the church. I was also surprised to find out how much (potential) control a church governing body might have on the various duties, and out-of-state duties that a given minister might perform. Seems like in some ways Minister have less control over what they can do than others. Perhaps this is the way 'ministering' was designed, but I have a hard time viewing how a congregation would be injured by one Sunday without their minister.

Well, I am biased against them, I'll give you that. Sorry governing church body, I shake my head at you.

I imagine that as a minister "Marrying and Burying" is something of a chore (at worst) and a incredible honor (at best). How many chores does one have to perform before one gets to fulfill a meaningful request I wonder? And for 'out-of-towners' like us, the process seems to have a level of difficulty that has the potential to make this task more chore-like, than a joyful duty. There's the process of getting to know each other, there's the 'pre-marital counseling', the condoning of the match, there's the coordination of the church/ministerial/and synod-ic calendars not to mention the details regarding the logistics of the ceremony...sounds like the makings of a headache to me.
It's easy to knock the wedding vetting process, as it is also easy to knock the many components of the wedding planning, because they have not come to us without effort and brow furrowing. Perhaps the adage "Liberty is not free. It comes with a cost." applies here. We wish to be married by a minister, in a church, before our friends and the Lord. One doesn't do this without simply consulting a wedding coordinator, but one has to meet the approval of all that are involved.
I guess I could argue that the rules that we are following are for our own benefit. Would we not benefit from interacting with a minister, a person responding to a call to act as a redeeming catalyst for those he meets during his shepherding; who at his best, cares deeply about the survivability of our upcoming marriage?

Well, thank goodness that the Lord has introduced to us the wide and open arms of the United Methodist Church, who has accepted us for our worship date. Not only are we non-members, we're also moderate strangers to these people. And remember, if we don't get our current requested minister, perhaps another ordained 'second' will leap from the wings to make sure that we get hitched.