Atlanta Wedding

Jared VanAlstyne and Kristy Minor are planning a wedding in Atlanta, GA while living in Brooklyn, NY.
This is their web-log of how it all went down.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Intro to Registry: Strategic Planning and Shopping

Intro to Wedding Registry: Required coursework for the Groom to Be
Course Goals:

  • To introduce the Groom to be to the world of housewares, appliances, and decorating materials for upcoming mandatory living space rearrangement.
  • To impress upon the Groom the importance of strategic shopping skills and strategy involved therein.
  • To create a controlled environment of indulgent consumerism while suppressing most Calvinistic ideals of frugality and plain, stark, functionality.
  • Discovery of and acceptance of the idea that "It's okay to want nice things."
  • Discovery of and acceptance of the limitations of the male sphere of influence in many decisions regarding the upcoming mandatory living space rearrangement.

Things I've been taught in this course:

  1. When people get married, they aren't allowed to keep their old and well worn housewares.
    (This generally applies to many of the Groom to Be's worldly possessions, and less so to the bride's. i.e. Guinness Posters, 30 year old comforters, etc.)
  2. People enjoy buying the happy couple things for their new home.
  3. The happy couple enjoys receiving gifts from their friends and family for their new home.
  4. In an effort to best coordinate gift giving between the family and friends of the Bride and Groom, the happy couple send themselves out to stores to 'Register'
  5. There are rules about Registry which are as follows:
    - One does not register for frivolous items such as Xbox 360's.
    - One does register for fancy things called "Bone China" and "Crystal Stemware" and "Silver"
    - One does not register at stores such as "Best Buy" or "Virgin Records" or "H&M"
    - One does register for stores such as "Bed Bath and Beyond" and "Macy's"
    - One does not register for items without consulting the Bride to Be.
    - One does accept and acknowledge the authority of the Bride to be in all things involving the impending mandatory living space rearrangement.
  6. Etiquette dictates that only a small number of retail establishments be chosen for which to facilitate the above mentioned Registry creation and gift giving. Lack of self control in the selection of these retail establishments can result in rampant rumors of the happy couple's greed and avarice.
  7. The balancing act between common sense and unbridled consumerism within the rubric of the Wedding Registry is to be handled with fear and trembling when utilizing the Registry Gun. As with the use of any tool, it can be used for good, or it can be used for evil. Often this demarcation is only discernable after much consultation with other scholars and authorities expert in these matters. (i.e. other Brides and Brides to Be. The groom has traditionally not been considered a reliable expert in these areas.)
  8. Communication of the facilities that house the Happy Couple's Registry should be communicated promptly and efficiently once they have been selected.
  9. We're going to register soon! Promise! For real, like maybe this week. Certainly by June. At least the end of June. Definitely by the end of June. For real. For real.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Get ye to Church

Progress so far:
Wedding Date: CHECK
Reception Site: CHECK
*****Ceremony Site: CHECK! (almost...)

So, we were having a very difficult time finding a place to have our ceremony with all of the limitations we are running with:
Sunday Wedding, Close to Midtown Atlanta, Flexible Music/Ceremony Requirements, Possibility of importing our own minister, allowing non-members to use the sanctuary. Oh, and not expensive too, please. Initially I thought these weren't too many things to ask. Perhaps I'm a bit more high maintenance than I first thought.

Huh. I'm high maintenance.

Of all the places that said, "yes" to a majority of the above, we were able to successfully narrow it down this past Friday and we've (finally) made our decision. Druid Hills United Methodist Church is our site of choice, and by the Grace of God, we're going to get married there. (yay!)

So far, this has probably been our most difficult decision in the whole process. I was convinced that we hadn't found the right one and was determined to find a less expensive option. I was also surprised to discover that so many churches have so many restrictions when using their facility. Have churches been burned so much by abuse by non-believers, or non-members? It certainly presents a cold face to people looking to have a 'church' wedding. Is it the right 'face' to present to our communities? At the end of the day, what is more important, the sanctity of the sanctuary or the call to be the light of the world.

A special shout out goes to the Terrell's who gave me all the advice they had concerning churches in the Mid-town Atlanta area. Thank you Cindy. Congratulations on your wedding!

And we would be blind and deaf (yes, and quite dumb) without the eyes and ears and time that has been loaned to us by Kelly and Sandy. Your efforts are like water to flowers: essential for progress, the more we get, the more beautiful you make us feel. Many Thanks.

I'll be booking the church maybe before I officially visit the Church in May. Maybe. Probably.