Atlanta Wedding

Jared VanAlstyne and Kristy Minor are planning a wedding in Atlanta, GA while living in Brooklyn, NY.
This is their web-log of how it all went down.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Movin' Right Along

Renting a car while in Atlanta for Kristy and Jared's Wedding? Looking for inexpensive car rentals? Kristy and Jared can help!
We've partnered with Thrifty Car Rental to secure a discounted group rate for all of our wedding guests. As a bonus, Thrifty has told us that if we rent through them, using our special wedding code, that there will be no extra fees for additional drivers, and no age restriction on drivers over the age of 21.
If nothing else use the rates below as a measure to see if your car rental rate was comparable."Thrifty's compact through luxury vehicles and minivans are late model vehicles and include unlimited free mileage. Refueling, local/county taxes, optional protection, and point-of-sale items are additional. The renter must be 21 years of age, present a valid driver’s license, and meet regular rental requirements. Your company will also receive 10% off regular rates for Luxury vehicles. These rates would be valid in the Atlanta area only.

Corporate Benefits:

· Unlimited free mileage within the renting state and all bordering states.

· No additional driver surcharges, underage surcharges (21-24 years old), or intracity (State of Georgia) drop fees."

If interested in booking with Thrifty for the Atlanta Wedding (Less than three weeks!) email us using the links in the navigation bar to the right. We'll have a link up shortly so that you can book directly with Thrifty by next week.

If you'd like to book a rental car for Atlanta at please click here for the Special Minor-VanAlstyne Wedding Rate.

Monday, September 04, 2006


The Wedding invitation, as it has been explained to me, is a chance for the bride and groom to communicate to their wedding guests. Not only does it serve its intended purpose of communicating to the guest:

  1. The fact that the Guest(s) have actually been invited to the Wedding
  2. When the Wedding will take place
  3. Where the Wedding will take place

But it also serves to communicate a number of things herebefore unknown to this groom-to-be to be either important or communicable. I draw upon my time in Ms Hamm's Public speaking class, where I learned that "The burden of communication is on the communicator." In this instance, much of the zeitgeist of the wedding is subtlely alluded to- for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. If I may be a little less obtuse, I'll add that a majority these things are not meant for those guests who claim to have both a X and Y chromosome. Namely:

  1. The formality of the wedding: How elegant or casual will the reception be?
  2. The color palate that the bride has chosen for the ceremony and reception.
  3. Who is 'hosting' or 'providing' the celebration after the wedding ceremony.
  4. What one can expect to happen at the above mentioned ceremony: Dancing? Chicken Fingers or Prime Rib?
  5. The spelling of the bride-to-be's soon-to-be new last name-to-be. (This one is difficult to predict, and requires the consultation of many wedding oracles involved i.e. bridesmaids.)
  6. How many people, besides the invited guest, are expected as guests to the reception.

I've racked my brain to come up with the above 5 things and have been unable to think of anything more. HOWEVER....I'm certain the women folk reading this blog might be able to give this poor groom-to-be other items that the wedding invitation communicates. I give kudos to those menfolk who are able to glean these above mentioned things upon receipt of our invitation, and I'd encourage you to let me know if you learned anything else about our wedding that may be of interest to me.

I would consider myself a moderately involved groom in the entire process of our wedding planning. My boss has told me on numerous occasions that I'm too involved. He's seemed in a moderate state of confusion and surprise when I tell him what I've been up to and what my 'jobs' are as Kristy and I proceed with our wedding preparations. I wouldn't say that I'm in full control of every aspect of the wedding...which is a good thing. However, I'm also not a "hands-off" participant in our nuptial strategerizing.
However, in the grand scheme of things, I'm not quite sure how "helpful" my input has been, and/or how "productive" my help has been. In general I am a procrastinator and indecisive- two qualities that send shivers down the spines of the vendors and fellow wedding planners involved in our process to get married in November. Or at least that is my impression of the thing...

This confession aside, Kristy and I have found and decided upon some fantastic invitations, in what we think was one of our quickest decisions so far. Well...let me water that down a bit...Kristy and I, looking at our budget and the style options available within this budget, found some invitations that we really liked. About after about a month of "casually" looking, we decided upon the winner in the space of about 48 hours.
Oh, sure we could have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on some out of this world invitations that were extravagent and oppulent. And sure, we found some interesting inexpensive options, but we wanted to go with a more personal touch; something that we felt said something about us.
(I'm equally horrified and terrified at the last words that have just leapt from my brain onto my keyboard. Somehow or other I've been sucked into a vortex of wedding evil...the kind of frenzy that is prominently showcased on the show Bridezillas. I sincerely hope that you'll let this momentary offence go by unnoticed. [shudders])

So for us, that 48 hours was relatively quick, as far as some of our 'wedding decisions' have gone. And no, we weren't counting the *long* month of "casually looking" that we engaged in previously in our "decision time".

The point:
Very soon, most of you will be receiving a somewhat squarish (read: shape) invitation in the mail featuring a couple holding hands at sunset.

We look forward to spending our first sunset married with each of you, and hope that you'll say "yes" and respond to our invitation by early October.

Did I mention that you could RSVP online? Why yes you can. Once you've gotten our invite in your hot little hands, browse on over to and look for the RSVP online link. If you have any trouble gettting the RSVP functionality to work, please email us at

For those of you who might have difficulty reading my last name in the font we've chosen in the invitation (read: artistic license) I've spelled it out here for your recordkeeping:
Jared VanAlstyne.
[No space between the "Van" and the big "A".]

And a big shout out to all the ladies who have helped us with the assembling and addressing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Successful Wedding!

A special shout out to my cousin Erin (now Hall) who was married over the Labor Day weekend. Congratulations! Best wishes! And all the best to you and your husband Colter!

For those of you like me , who (regrettably) were not able to make the trip out to Colorado, here is a image of a number of the VanAlstyne men, with Coulter, Erin, and her (dashing) father Arlin.

VanAlstyne's Represent!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Two Things of Note!

Quick update today:

Our Registry Information has been posted on our website. Go check it out by clicking here, or going to

Also, expect to see a post within the next week or so about a few hotels that we've made arrangements with for the wedding. The rates we've been able to negotiate are reasonable for the location(s), but aren't neccissarily inexpensive. ($75-$100/night)

And a special shout out, goes to my pops who has sent me beaucoup images of our save-the-date magnet in various and sundrie places around his domicile. It made me giggle, and I hope it illicts a similar response with each of you.

Wedding- Save the Date Contest
Aug 14, 2006 - 11 Photos

Friday, July 21, 2006

Magnanimous magnets mailed momentarily!

Magnets! I love Magnets! Whoever came up with the idea of the 'Fridge Magnet Reminder" is a brilliant person, and the woman who thought that a "Save the Date Magnet"- was substantially more incredibly brilliant and smart.

By now some of you have received your very own Save the Date Magnet from us. Congratulations, we have your address and know where you live! Ha Ha!
You are now the proud owner of one of the first parts of our wedding. We hope you like them. Stick it on your fridge, or maybe somewhere on a metal door, or you could slap it on your car hood (but don't drive too fast, you'll loose it!), you could stick it on your forehead (but it probably won't stick) you could stick it on your oven, or perhaps your favorite piece of metal plating. You could probably even bring it to work with you and slap it on a filing cabinet...Although, some of your co-workers might think that you're a little to excited about this wedding, but don't fret too much, 'cause we'll think that it's awesome. The idea is to put it in a place so that when you see it, you remember that you've got to be somewhere in early November. And that we like you. And that you're awesome. Rest assured, unless something awful happens, a wedding invitation shall make its way to your door.
Alas, if you have not received a Kristy & Jared magnet yet, we either have your address wrong, or don't know that you want to come to the wedding. Now, we can't invite everybody, because we aren't as fabulously wealthy as you might think, but if we can find the room for you, we will. Also, if someone in your family has received the Kristy & Jared magnet, but you haven't, please don't be sad and cry, or fight over who gets to stick the magnet where they want. We hope that you'll all learn to share, cause "it's always more fun to share with everyone". However, if a family dispute has gotten nasty, and has gone through a unsuccessful third party arbitration process, you may email us at and we'll see if we have any extras to send to you. No promises, people! This is a first come, first serve type of situation.

Now go forage around your house for somewhere to stick it!
Mad props go to the people who find the most creative place to stick their magnet.
(Send us pictures!)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A little pushing, but no shoving

Looks like the ceremony time will be pushed back about a half hour or so, perhaps an hour, depending upon some details revolving around our current officiant.
No need to get upset though, kids. Kristy and I have heard him give a message, and were excited about the prospect of having him officiate our wedding ceremony. He seemed engaging, genuine, and charismatic. All good things to observe in a minister let alone a wedding officant. We may have to give him up, however, due to a previous engagement that occurs in his world later in the afternoon on Sunday November 5th. But be ye not concerned, ye friends of mine, more back-ups are waiting in the wings. More about that if we get there.
Another friend of ours, who happens to also be a minister, was so sweet & caring when he came to us to let us know that he was discovering some road blocks in the way of our wish to have him marry us. I have much more respect for him for telling us "no" as I'm sure the prayerful soul searching that he was doing was much more difficult than our decision process of selecting and asking the Rev. if he could do us the honor. I was moderately disappointed in the denomination that he is ministering to, which I won't directly bad-mouth here, for St. Paul calls us to study the peace and purity of the church. I was also surprised to find out how much (potential) control a church governing body might have on the various duties, and out-of-state duties that a given minister might perform. Seems like in some ways Minister have less control over what they can do than others. Perhaps this is the way 'ministering' was designed, but I have a hard time viewing how a congregation would be injured by one Sunday without their minister.

Well, I am biased against them, I'll give you that. Sorry governing church body, I shake my head at you.

I imagine that as a minister "Marrying and Burying" is something of a chore (at worst) and a incredible honor (at best). How many chores does one have to perform before one gets to fulfill a meaningful request I wonder? And for 'out-of-towners' like us, the process seems to have a level of difficulty that has the potential to make this task more chore-like, than a joyful duty. There's the process of getting to know each other, there's the 'pre-marital counseling', the condoning of the match, there's the coordination of the church/ministerial/and synod-ic calendars not to mention the details regarding the logistics of the ceremony...sounds like the makings of a headache to me.
It's easy to knock the wedding vetting process, as it is also easy to knock the many components of the wedding planning, because they have not come to us without effort and brow furrowing. Perhaps the adage "Liberty is not free. It comes with a cost." applies here. We wish to be married by a minister, in a church, before our friends and the Lord. One doesn't do this without simply consulting a wedding coordinator, but one has to meet the approval of all that are involved.
I guess I could argue that the rules that we are following are for our own benefit. Would we not benefit from interacting with a minister, a person responding to a call to act as a redeeming catalyst for those he meets during his shepherding; who at his best, cares deeply about the survivability of our upcoming marriage?

Well, thank goodness that the Lord has introduced to us the wide and open arms of the United Methodist Church, who has accepted us for our worship date. Not only are we non-members, we're also moderate strangers to these people. And remember, if we don't get our current requested minister, perhaps another ordained 'second' will leap from the wings to make sure that we get hitched.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Intro to Registry: Strategic Planning and Shopping

Intro to Wedding Registry: Required coursework for the Groom to Be
Course Goals:

  • To introduce the Groom to be to the world of housewares, appliances, and decorating materials for upcoming mandatory living space rearrangement.
  • To impress upon the Groom the importance of strategic shopping skills and strategy involved therein.
  • To create a controlled environment of indulgent consumerism while suppressing most Calvinistic ideals of frugality and plain, stark, functionality.
  • Discovery of and acceptance of the idea that "It's okay to want nice things."
  • Discovery of and acceptance of the limitations of the male sphere of influence in many decisions regarding the upcoming mandatory living space rearrangement.

Things I've been taught in this course:

  1. When people get married, they aren't allowed to keep their old and well worn housewares.
    (This generally applies to many of the Groom to Be's worldly possessions, and less so to the bride's. i.e. Guinness Posters, 30 year old comforters, etc.)
  2. People enjoy buying the happy couple things for their new home.
  3. The happy couple enjoys receiving gifts from their friends and family for their new home.
  4. In an effort to best coordinate gift giving between the family and friends of the Bride and Groom, the happy couple send themselves out to stores to 'Register'
  5. There are rules about Registry which are as follows:
    - One does not register for frivolous items such as Xbox 360's.
    - One does register for fancy things called "Bone China" and "Crystal Stemware" and "Silver"
    - One does not register at stores such as "Best Buy" or "Virgin Records" or "H&M"
    - One does register for stores such as "Bed Bath and Beyond" and "Macy's"
    - One does not register for items without consulting the Bride to Be.
    - One does accept and acknowledge the authority of the Bride to be in all things involving the impending mandatory living space rearrangement.
  6. Etiquette dictates that only a small number of retail establishments be chosen for which to facilitate the above mentioned Registry creation and gift giving. Lack of self control in the selection of these retail establishments can result in rampant rumors of the happy couple's greed and avarice.
  7. The balancing act between common sense and unbridled consumerism within the rubric of the Wedding Registry is to be handled with fear and trembling when utilizing the Registry Gun. As with the use of any tool, it can be used for good, or it can be used for evil. Often this demarcation is only discernable after much consultation with other scholars and authorities expert in these matters. (i.e. other Brides and Brides to Be. The groom has traditionally not been considered a reliable expert in these areas.)
  8. Communication of the facilities that house the Happy Couple's Registry should be communicated promptly and efficiently once they have been selected.
  9. We're going to register soon! Promise! For real, like maybe this week. Certainly by June. At least the end of June. Definitely by the end of June. For real. For real.